“Backyard style” run after Midnight

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BU Style RunIn the spring of 2021 I discovered the feeling of running a backyard ultra. I had the chance to use all the experience and all the benefits of suffering in an ultra marathon. Still, running a backyard ultra felt like being totally different than anything else I tried before. Everything seemed old and new in the same time.

Before my first “Last Man Standing” competition I tried to learn as much as possible about this concept. But I never tried training in the “backyard style”. Maybe I was scared of doing this alone. But it finally happened at mid January 2022. Not just like that, though.

Few weeks ago I had the chance to know start chating with the great American ultra marathon runner, Sarah Moore. She is one of the best female backyard runners with a personal best of 48 hours and 2 wins at “Ode to Laz” Backyard Ultra. She was just preparing to take part in nice event “Ode in the snow”, namely “8 hours of Ode” following the backyard style rules (6.7Km every hour).

I promised Sarah I will try to be part of that event virtually, so…I did. It was my first “backyard style” training. I only made 3 loops, but I needed all my mental power to do it.

BaseOn a cold Saturday night, I went out the house 35 minutes after the midnight. I even had prepared a small hydration/food spot and installed the camp chair and the hall. Not running itself but the idea of “doing a backyard run” in “my backyard” (neighborhood) was fun.

I just went 3.3Km around the lonely streets and came back on the same route. The breaks between the laps were even more fun. I ate a little and drank a lot of water. I also had to charge my phone and to check the equipment (hand gloves, cap a.o). So time was flying. I finished the 1st loop in 34 minutes, the 2nd on in 43 minutes and the 3rd loop (last one) in 37  minutes.

It was a real mental challenge to start the 3rd lap at 3 o’clock in the morning, after a very tiring week. But I mentioned 3 loops to Sarah. So I wanted to keep my word.

It was a great mental and physical training. I missed the snow, though. Thank you Sarah for giving me reason and motivation to this “backyard style” run.



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  1. Elizabeth (Libby) Reitman says:

    Awesome!!!! We love Sarah and how she is inspiring people to get outside and try this crazy style of running out!!! I have interviewed many people for the ode to Laz events and would love the opportunity to talk with you! Please email me and let me know if you could chat on zoom some day!

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