The first 10 Backyard Ultra races – Always dream big!

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There came a moment when I felt prepared for Backyard Ultra. I had tones of marathons and ultra marathons, I suffered a lot, I became mentally strong (they say). Still, I feared the unknown.

And I’ve dreamed big from the beginning. This time I’ve made my homework. I’ve talked to experienced ultra runners and have watched every video available.

After running my first backyard ultra race I felt as that experience changed me. But even before that I knew I was made for backyard running. Everything I did or failed to do before that moment had prepared me for the backyard running madness.

And I got addicted. After all, becoming “the last man standing” was an old dream (literally a dream) and it came true.

In my first backyard ultra event I’ve aimed for the assist role and it happened. Then, I’ve opened my mind and my heart for my dream: to be “last man standing” one day.

After my second BYU race, I came with a another objective: to go out of a backyard ultra race not before finding myself among the last 3 runners standing.

And after more tones of kilometers and pain both happened. I finally became “last man standing”, more than once. I finished each of my first 10 backyard ultra races in Top 3!

Here are the ten backyard ultra competitions attended by me between May 2021 and March 2023.

  1. ROMANIA BACKYARD ULTRA – 21.05.2021 (Stefesti, Romania)
    Assist / 2nd place – 33 yards (hours) – 221,2Km
  • NeuRO BACKYARD ULTRA – 16.07.2021 (Stefesti, Romania)

3rd Place – 27 yard (hours) – 181Km

  • DANTE’s HELL BACKYARD ULTRA – 23.10.2021 (Suruceni, Moldova)
    Assist / 2nd place – 23 yards (hours) – 154,1Km
  • LA PARRA BACKYARD ULTRA – 12.03.2022 (La Parra, Spain)
    3rd place – 20 yards (hours) – 134Km
  • ROMANIA BACKYARD ULTRA – 28.04.2022 (Stefesti, Romania)

3rd place – 36 yards (hours) – 241,2Km – PR

  • NeuRO BACKYARD ULTRA – 11.06.2022 (Stefesti, Prahova)

Last Man Standing / 1st place – 16 yards (hours) – 107Km

  • ONE MORE LOOP 4 BACKYARD ULTRA – 09.09.2022 (Willebroek, Belgium)

Last Man Standing / 1st place – 22 yards (hours) – 147Km

  • DANTE’s HELL BACKYARD ULTRA – 22.10.2022 (Suruceni, Moldova)

3rd place / 22 yards (hours) – 147Km

  • EKEBERG BACKYARD ULTRA – LAST ONE STANDING – 11.02.2023 (Oslo, Norway)

Last Man Standing / 1st place – 29 yards (hours) – 194Km

  1. LA PARRA BACKYARD ULTRA – 11.03.2022 (La Parra, Spain)

Last Man Standing / 1st place – 24 yards (hours) – 161Km

Now, I can dream even higher. But there is no pressure like before. I hope for a new personal record and to take part in stronger Backyard Ultra competitions.

2 Responses to The first 10 Backyard Ultra races – Always dream big!

  1. Constantin Nicu says:

    Salut, Florin!
    Ținând cont că anul acesta nu a fost organizat un concurs Backyard Ultra, în România, crezi că anul viitor va fi?
    Întreb deoarece sunt interesat să particip.
    Dacă ai dori să vorbim mai mult despre intenția mea, o putem face pe mail.

    • Florin Simion says:


      Intr-adevar anul acesta nu am avut un BYU in Romania.

      Insa in 2024 vom avea o competitie noua: UNDERDOGS – THE BACKYARD ULTRA (Runcu, jud. Dambovita / 24 august).

      Am anuntat deja pe grupul TTR BACKYARD ULTRA. Tot acolo voi reveni si cu alte detalii cand le voi afla. Plus orice alte informatii si materiale importante din lumea “backyard ultra”.

      Sigur, putem povesti pe mail sau pe Messenger (Facebook).

      Numai bine!

      Florin Simion
      tel. 0724 385 805

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