Running in Bad Oeynhausen – Training TG Werste – Tuesdays

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Last autumn I’ve spent 7 weeks in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany) for family medical reasons. There was enough time for me to run. I didn’t miss the opportunity to know the city and the surroundings through running.

This April we had to return to B.O. I really enjoyed to run again in all those places: KurPark, Aqua Magica, Gohfeld, Lohe, SielPark, Innenstadt etc. The feeling was great. But running alone is not always fun. With the help of Mrs Irina and Mrs Angela from HDZ-NRW I found out about the weekly running training organized by the local club. I’ve sent them an e-mail and I received a kind invitation to join the club running, from Arne Holtmann.

I felt honored from the beginning. Arne introduced me to the group and gave me the necessary information. I’ve join Arne’s team for a long run (20Km). We was so kind to speak in English all the time. The route was owesome. It included 3 or 4 hills. Talking to runners like Arne, Bjorn or Andreas was as fine as running. We celebrated the group training with beer and “bratwurst”. It was such a new and pleasant experience for me.

I was happy to find out that I could join the club training one more time before returning to Romania. It was even better. I was again introduced to the group. Some of them remembered me. It was a round river run on a medium tempo. From time to time the guys started some speed-ups (for 500m or more). Very intense and useful! I enjoyed so much running and talking to Arne, Timo and Julio. In the end we gathered almost 12Km.

I was welcomws like a special guest and they made me feel like home. I met very good runners and nice people. They showed me their support for my family, especially for my little boy, Pavel. I wish them all, nice trainings in B.O. and Good Luck! in the competitions! I will gladly come back for a club training or even for some official running race.

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