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15621701_1210852292295326_6137144110037183224_nI had the honor to be chosen the runner of the week (January 16th-22th). This is a campaign where some Stockholm Marathon runners are showing their motivation for running!

Below there is the article posted on Stockholm Marathon Facebook page:


Florin Simion, Rumänien är veckans maratonlöpare
Florin Simion from Romania is the Runner of the Week

“I have started am completed 111 marathons (within 7 years).

Running seemed to be a second nature for me.I’m running because the human being was created to be moving through running. I am running to become stronger in mind and body. I am running for for the pleasure of my soul. I am running because it is the most simple and effective activity. I am running to keep myself away of bad habits. I am running to gain equilibrium. I am running in order to know and discover people and places.
I am running to learn how tho set the limits and how to push the limits.

What’s the best thing about Asics Stockholm Marathon?
The finish of the race within the Olympic Stadium. That’s great!

Do you have any marathon advice you’d like to share?
Start running for the simple pleasure of running. Then start becoming competitive but mostly compete with yourself. You’ll feel better than everybody else only when you’ll put yourself onto another level.

A personal thought: “When you feel you can’t walk anymore, start running!”


This post makes me feel more motivation for this great running event which will be held on 3rd of June! See you in Sweden!

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