Hiking in “Piatra Mare” & 1st of May in Brasov

I was afraid of finally being tempted to go to the seaside for the 1st of May, but Kaltman saved the Day. Knowing that Morten wants to go for a hike in the Romanian mountains, Kaltman asked for ideas and we chose “Piatra Mare”.

I was happy to hike together with old BetBrain friends (Edi, Aly, Kaltman & Morten), and more over it was a kind of soft training for Eco Marathon.

We started around 11 o’clock from Dambu Morii, being so surprised not seeing the barbeque guys around.

From all the Romanian mountains I’ve chosen the only one where Morten have already been hiking before. But, after passing over “7 Scari” area, it was already a new experience for him.

On the other hand, the one we were starting to become proud was Edi.

Edi is the Best

Powerful Edi

He even had the time to be a Gentleman.

Crossing over

Helpful Edi

The weather was more than great and we were already planning to reach the “Piatra Mare Peak”.

But the hiking started to be a little bit difficult for Edi. With smaller steps and several stops he finally made it up to the “Piatra Mare Lodge”. He fully deserved the 3-4 or more glasses of wine from the Lodge.

The weather was excellent and we headed to the peak (Mara, Aly, Mr Creanga, Morten and me).

Bate vantu…Mara trece

The view was nicer and nicer, but the guys rushed for the peak.

Graba spre Varf

Up there it was windy, but we felt great and still felt like having some fun.

Karate Kid 1

Time for the way back…and  a lot of energy was still available.

Catch Me If You Can

Returning to Piatra Mare Lodge we meet Kaltman and Edi (who was still wondering how in the world was he able to reach so high). And the way back seemed for him more like a piece of cake.

We managed to reach Dambu Morii on the day light. It was an excellent hiking trip. But the day wasn’t over. There was still room for some beer and some table tennis.

Woken up by an entire army I packed and we managed to leave to Brasov around mid-day. We missed the “Junii Brasovului” Parade, but I still found something to capture on my camera.




















I’ve been so many times in Brasov, lately, but I never got bored.

Although we were planning to have a second hiking trip we ended up having some pizza and saves the energy for next time.


Respect for BetBrain Old Gang!

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  1. Morten Helles says:

    Wonderful pictures, Flo! It was a great trip, and I immensely enjoyed both the hike and your good company. I look forward to our next trip together 🙂

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