Detmolder Herbstlauf 2018 – Bad weather, fast race, new friend

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TTRomania_1Good memories make you repeat the experience. Back in 2013, middle of November, I came to Diestelbruch for a 20Km race within an event called Detmolder Herbstlauf, being well trained at that time. I was pretty fast then: 1h20:01. But what I remember now isn’t the finish time, but the warm atmosphere on a cold weather, a very fine view during the race, meeting a Romanian runner and her husband and a nice gift (price) from the organizer.


If you ask me what shall I do in 5 years time I’ll say online that: I’ll live the moment. So, November 2018, finds me again on the way from Bad Oeynhausen to Diestelbruch (via Detmold). Icatched the bus in the last moment (the same as in 2013) because 5 minutes train delay. Yes, trains in Germany are sometimes late. No more than 5 minutes though.

Santa_1Arriving at the start area I found the same fine atmosphere, but the weather seemed to be worse (not for me though). Like 5 years ago I gave myself the the time to shoot some photos before the race. And surprise…Santa Claus was there. I’m not famous there, but he wanted to¬† photos with maybe due to the Romanian flag.

Like always I wasn’t ready for the start. And I was already hungry. So, I began running from the locker room. Finding my way among the runners I cheered some of them, including a guy from Japan. I’m always happy when I see Japanese runners in a competition. I don’t really know why. Maybe because they smile, they are nice people and good runners.

It looked to be a fast race in spite of the dirt and cold rainy weather. I tried to keep the pace with some runners, not knowing that they are in the 10K race. They looked like sprinting after 10Km and they did. So after the first loop I found myself alone. I looked ahead and I looked back. No body. I am on the wrong way? No, there is the sign. I am the first or the last. No way. Then a bunch of runners dressed in blacked appears. One of them tried to catch me for the last 8km. I said to myself that I won’t let him pas over until I catch two other runners in front of me. I will force myself to catch them. Then I will slow down a little and I’ll keep my energy for the final sprint in order to “defeat” the “black” runner.

Although I lost so much speed in the last 2 years, in Diestelbruch I felt powerful. The weather was really bad and I liked. In fact I was hot which meant I was to fast for my running shape. And I was starving and they had NO food during the race. That’s crazy. At least my body was easy and managed to keep a fast rhythm. At least this is what I thought during the run.

And there comes the last k. Me and the “black” runner. Both outside the Top Ten. As planned I gathered the last drops of energy and flied away. It felt so great. Priceless. I missed that lately. And the guy was left behind.

Romani_Japan_2I finished in 1h26:01 in the 11th position / 5th in the age group. Later I realized I was 4 minutes slower (compared to 2013) and 7 places lower in the Results List. What the f…? I’m getting older, that’s for sure. I forgot to mention about a nasty pain at the heel. Actually with was a bloody wound also. It was a great race for me though: fast rhythm, nice views, bad (great) weather and strong finish.

Back in the changing room I meet the Japanese runner: Masafumi Ishida. We’ve talked for a little and started to get along very well. Waiting for the official results we made pictures and had fun. I didn’t missed the chance to enjoy a beer and bratwurst. I was happy to make a new friend and we decided to keep in touch. I invited him to Romania for running and visiting. Then I speed it up for catching the bus.

So, once again it was a fine experience. I rediscovered myself in some way. No matter the speed or the position, what makes me happy was the feeling of being strong and free.



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