Cernica Trail Running – Training Session – January 14th, 2012

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Nine  months ago I found out that Morten, my old friend from Betbrain (where I used to work for 3 years) likes hiking and even running. We had then a nice mountain trip in Piatra Mare and for the beginning of the year were planning another mountain trip combined with some trail running.

We’ve postponed the Hiking Trip, but what about the Trail Running? We just couldn’t help ourselves. Then I suggested to gor for the “trail running” in a forest. Morten seemed to enjoy the idea. Bogdan Popa joined us and we went to Cernica.

It was an incredible weather. Morten just wanted to try the trail running experience. Bogdan and me took it as a training for the next Mountain Marathons and Races. Our training started from the Cernica Monastery. We enjoyed the running and the paths from the first seconds. We had already entered “a different  space”. We had fun changing the way and the views all the time.  We are surprised to also find some places similar to the hill and mountain tracks. It felt great.

 For few times we went off-road, had to evoid the natural obstacles and ran along the very long forest road. We weren’t alone in forest, but the only ones to run. But still enjoyed the run. When we suddenly reached the railways we decided to turn back. Were trying to get to the same point we started, but it seemed we were heading on a different direction. And before we know it, we reached Cernica Village, in a place which was 5 km away from the starting point. We crossed someone’s yard and managed somehow to find the main road. We were looked at as aliens, but the villagers seemed to like us.

Finally we completed our Trail Running Session in 2h09min. after 20,5 Km (more then we’ve planned). It was a good run in the forest. Morten did great. It probably was his longgest run ever. But we didn’t want to leave Cernica without visiting the Monastery. Oana and Mihnea suprisingly joined us for this walk inside the Monastery:

It was our 1st Trail Running Training  Session. It was only the beginning.

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  1. Morten Helles says:

    What a great description! Can’t wait for our 2nd run or hike :))

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