Big “titles” in 2018

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44125420_247761355879977_4006806713066848256_nThere’s no need to spend your whole life following a big dream. You can build your life, carrier or passion fulfillment by having more smaller dreams one after another. Sometimes you don’t even have to dream, just believe in you.

Except family, the most important dreams and objectives for me are running related. I may act, train, think like an amateur, but I’m feeling and dreaming like a pro.

I’m proud to mention that in 2018 I managed to “win” 3 big titles from running:

1. 24H Ultramarathon National Vice-Champion (S24H – Timisoara)

2. Masters 35+ Marathon National Champion (Bucharest Marathon)

3. Best Athlete of the club (CS Miscarea CFR)

Due to some changes in my life (carrier and schedule) I realized I have to concentrate on ultra running. From that moment the 24H National Championship became a big target. I think I’ve never been so focused on a running race. And it helped me.

It was a dream come true me to step on Podium in a Senior National Championship. On the other hand I was the first athlete in the 12years history of my club (CS Miscarea CFR) to be placed in the Nationals Top 3. That’s the reason for which I was named the “best athlete” of the club in 2018. This doen’t mean I am the most valuable runners in the club, but I’m sure I have some qualities to be proud of.

And finally at the age of 37 I became a National Champion. It happened in the Masters Marathon National Championship, running in the 35-39 age category. I’ve really enjoyed that moment.

I hope this achievent shall inspire athe runners and also my son, Pavel. I owe so much to my family. I am thankful to have the support of the club and of the friends, including the ones from TTR and from Zitec.

More dreams are there be chased in 2019. I am ready to fight for them.




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  1. eli says:

    Congrats! Keep runnin’!

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