7 Weeks of Running in Germany – 2013 – Unexpected Project

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Life can change its course suddenly without notification. I like running in competition. I also like training, but sometimes it isn’t much fun running by yourself. For the last years October has been the month of the most important marathons in Romania (“Bucharest International Marathon” and “Maratonul Piatra Craiului”) and November used to be the “no competition” month of the year, but perfect to train for “Maratonul Reintregirii Neamului Romanesc” (December 1st). During the Autumn of 2013 I had to spend 7 weeks in Germany. It was no vacation, but still a good ocasion to run in a different environment.

Between October 1st and November 16th I ran in 6 competitions (including a marathon) in Nothwestern part of Germany and completed 317Km of training. During training and competitions I had to mix road running with trail running. I had no information about the runners, so I had to run my race and try to challenge them. Those were extremely good races for me. I am very pleased with the finishing times (including the marathon, where I had some problems).

I dare to consider this experience a project and I call it 7 Weeks of Running in Germany. This running project was posible with the of Zitec. I dedicated some of the races to “Inima Copiilor” foundation and I tried to let people know about the biggest amateur running club in Romania (RO CLUB MARATON) and about my personal running event: TIME TRIAL RUNNING.

Below you have the list (and infos) of the running races I took part in:

No. Competition Location Date Distance Position Time Fee (Euro)
1 Benther Berg Lauf Benthe 03.10.2013 21,8 29 01:48:13 Real Time: 1h36 8
2 Bruno-Petzke-Lauf Buckeburg 06.10.2013 10 4 00:39:06 7
3 Porta Strassen VolksLauf Porta Westfalica 13.10.2013 17,5 3 01:12:50 5
4 Assentalauf Bad Salzuflen 19.10.2013 10,5 3 00:42:51 4
5 Detmolder HerbstLauf Diestelbrusch 09.11.2013 20,0 4 (of 114) 01:20:02 7
6 Lipperland Volksmarathon Humfeld 16.11.2013 42,0 4 03:18:12 15

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  1. I faced the same thing here in Romania during Summer, I was in Constanta and I was preparing for Bucharest marathon alone. Imagine how it was when I had to run more than 30 km alone.

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